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What Our Students Say
Personal Training Made A Difference

Just got out of some extra large surf! It was some serious stuff! My training sessions [with Amanda] DEFINITELY made a difference in my cardio and confidence! That is the only reason I went out and was right up there with the young guns, neck to neck, and didn't have a problem breathing or getting winded. You must have a PHD in the work you do! Thank you!

Ben, 11/10/2017
Incredible Fitness Studio

Body in Balance is an incredible fitness studio lead by the amazingly funny, creative and friendly Amanda Furgiuele. Amanda really cares about people and understands all the reasons someone might want to start getting or keep in shape. Her studio is super welcoming to everyone and is always incorporating new and fun types of workouts. If you care about your body, you need to check out Body in Balance!

Kyle, 10/27/16
Nice vibe

I come to this studio for barre whenever I visit Maui. I even brought my family, who have never tried Pilates, in for a beginner class. The instructor, Or, was exceptionally patient and kind! Nice vibe.

Lizzperation, 12/3/16
Great studio and epic workout!!!

Great studio and epic workout!!! Amanda and Kelly made my husband and I feel right at home. We bought a class package right away. So excited for their clothing sale on Sunday and black light yoga on 9/30.

Samantha, 10/15/16
So much fun!!

I've been taking the baby barre class. First of all, it's way too cute. It makes my day to see all of the precious babies with their mamas. Secondly, Danielle is a great instructor and keeps the class flowing well. She gives different options and works with the babies even when they're cranky. So much fun!!

Cambria, 6/24/16
I found my Pilates Kindred Spirit!

Wednesday I found my Pilates Kindred Spirit. If you're on the island of Maui, take a Pilates session with Sonja at Body in Balance Pilates & Personal Training Studio. I felt stronger, looser, and more aware of my body than I had in several years. this is why I practice Pilates. It increases mind/body connection, strengthens your muscles and posture, and increases your flexibility. And at the end of my session with Sonja, I was reminded what it felt like to value my body and my own personal strength. #findyourstrong

Rebecca, 9/21/16
I can't wait to go back!

This studio is pristine clean with a huge array of classes to broaden your yoga, dance and exercise practices. I took my first aerial yoga class here and felt safe and challenged... just to the right level of what was perfect for me. Amanda has that skill of knowing your movements and adapting the practice to meet individual need. I can't wait to go back!

Susan, 12/27/15

MUST TRY TRX!!! Great place to help you reach your goals! I took the TRX boot camp, even though it was a group class it felt like a one on one personal training session. The instructor was a master in exercise physiologist. Under his guidance, I had the confidence to push myself without fear of getting injured. I am excited to take more classes to work towards my goals!

Kristen, 2/28/16
Excellent instructors, wide variety of classes

I moved to Maui just over a year ago and the first thing I did was sign up with Body in Balance to continue my Pilates training. I am continually impressed with the level of excellence the instructors bring to each class. There is a welcoming atmosphere for residents as well as visitors. Body in Balance is a wonderful, professional bodyworks studio with classes for every level of expertise. I am fortunate to live in Maui but life here is even better with a great pilates studio to go to.

Michelle, 5/27/15
Great class offerings and instructors

It had been nearly a year and a half since I took a pilates, TRX, Yoga, or sculpting class so I was nervous when I began taking classes at Body in Balance. To my delight, the instructors were understanding of my current limitations, need for reviewing poses, and gave me alternatives when I wasn't keeping up with the rest of the class. I've appreciated their patients and support as I get back into shape. I also appreciate the different classes offered so I can never use the excuse that I'm bored with a class!

Jenelle, 5/29/15
Outstanding overall experience

I have regularly attended group fitness classes at Body in Balance over the last 5 years and have recently signed up for some one-on-one personal training sessions with Amanda. I am the type of athlete who would rather be outside in nature doing pretty much anything rather than being stuck indoors, yet somehow the inviting atmosphere created by Amanda and her team of trained professionals keeps bringing me back to the studio multiple times each week! They truly make fitness FUN! With an enticing array of unconventional classes and an experimental, creative attitude, I always walk out the door with a smile on my face, feeling the burn, and proud of myself for succeeding at something new.

Jessica, 7/16/15
Best Studio on the Island!

Body in Balance is hands down the best studio on the island for personalized training, unique class opportunities, classes for all ages and skill levels...everything from group to private training sessions is awesome. My family loves it! The owner is exceptional--talented, professional, and inspiring. Amanda is my favorite instructor. I go because it is so private and personal, unlike cookie cutter or one technique gyms/studios. You can stick with what you love and/or branch out and try new, adventurous classes. They have new equipment in a clean space, great merchandise for sale, and supplements/oils/products that support a healthy lifestyle. Their online sign up is easy and efficient. If you are a local looking for a new, fun fitness opportunity or a visitor who wants a unique exercise experience on Maui, Body in Balance is for you! Check it out! You'll fall in love with it, too!

Lori, 4/15/15
Fun Fitness!

I felt a sense of relief when I found Body In Balance. I was looking for a studio that offered an array of classes that would challenge me (e.g. aerial yoga, cardio barre, etc) and allow me to slow things down when I needed it (e.g. gentle yoga, stretching, etc.). Amanda offers a wide variety of classes that fit all levels and are small enough in size to offer that personal touch we all need!

Rebekah, 3/17/15

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