Aerial Yoga Rx - Body In Balance
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Aerial Yoga Rx

Aerial Yoga Rx

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This aerial yoga regenerative therapeutic (AYRx) practice is safe and effective for every level of experience and age. The AYRx swing is stretchy, comfy, and massages your muscles as you move. It is supportive so you can hang, stretch, push and pull in 3D space. Come discover how you can suspend your body, open the spine, and create more space in the neck and lower back to assist in rehabilitating these commonly strained areas. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel! (E)

Bonus: Mention “Yogassage” and, if you’re comfortable with hands-on, get special attention in the swing at the end of class during relaxation.

Proper attire required: Armpits and Knees covered. For more information, visit our sister studio, If you have any questions about which aerial class is right for you, please contact the front desk. Please Read Intro to Aerial – What to Expect for more information.

Michele Armstrong