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Pole Fit

Pole Fit

Aerial, New Class, Pole

Conditioning and stretching may not be the most glamorous aspect of pole dancing, but it’s always more fun with friends! Together we will warm up on the mat with stretching + incorporate some sexy floorwerk before making our way to the poles. Progressive circuit-style exercises will help strengthen our muscles. We’ll finish with a short, beginner-friendly dance combo to get the heart pumping and optional freestyle pole-play at the end of class.

Proper attire for this class: less is more. Shorts + tank top/sports bra combo allow for maximum skin-on-pole contact points, but layers are always encouraged. Knee pads can be helpful during the floorwerk portion for those with sensitive knees. Absolutely no lotion/sunscreen on body. Leave rings/watches/bracelets at home and don’t forget to bring your sassy pants!

Michele Armstrong