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Our schedule changes every month to keep your fitness fresh! Please see the online schedule for the most accurate class and teacher listing. Not all classes run at all times. Have a request? We can certainly schedule any class you like as a private lesson!

Barre Sculpting & Toning

Barre Sculpting & Toning is a great way to tighten, tone and strengthen your muscles without bulking up. This barre class uses weights and other resistance props are added to the barre foundational programming for a more intense challenge throughout this total body workout at the barre! Suggested for more seasoned barre clients.

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Dance Outside The BOX is a cardio workout that integrates dance with boxing fundamentals! Its a high energy workout where we get to throw some punches and shake booty to the beat! No experience necessary!



Design your behind (lower body) Sharpen your arms (upper body). Strengthen your core and improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility while burning fat and calories by using weights. This class is taught using the HIIT format (short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods) and is designed to make your body defined and lean.


TRX Total Body

Torch calories. Sculpt Muscles. Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This class can be tough, but with practice, you’ll only get stronger and stronger! All levels welcome.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga encourages you to move your body in sync with your breath, which is beneficial in so many ways. Both strength and flexibility are challenged, but this class focuses more on building strength than a traditional vinyasa yoga class.

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Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is unique in that it incorporates hand weights, strength building, and cardio into the practice. It’s perfect for those looking for both weight training AND yoga.



Are you ready for a dance party?! Get your groove on at this fun and high energy dance cardio workout. This class will get you on your feet and dancing through a variety of dance genres; including salsa, dance hall, hip hop, and disco! Get ready to sweat, groove, and shake your booty!

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GroupEx Instructors

Kellie O'Rourke- Instructors

Kellie O'Rourke

Kellie started her life long love of fitness as a gymnast. Along with a love of movement and competition she learned how great form translates into other sports and activities. In high school she began coaching gymnastics and that sparked her love of teaching. She attended Penn State University to get an undergraduate degree in Biology. There, she began teaching fitness classes at the school gym. Teaching innovative fitness classes became her great love!

Kristina Krikes- Instructors

Kristina Krikes

While studying for her BASI Pilates teacher training in Los Angeles, Kristina was completely unaware of how Pilates would transform her life. She has been practicing and teaching the method for the past 14 years and it has given her experiences, relationships, and expansion that she never could have imagined – so many wonderful teachers and students have been her guiding lights and her own body has been a practice field of how to better exist in a body.

Wendy Savage- Instructors

Wendy Savage

Wendy’s happy place is in the Pilates studio! After taking her first Pilates class in 2011, she immediately signed up for teacher training, not fully realizing the amazing door she had just walked through. The journey has been so much more rewarding than she had ever anticipated, and she continues to add to her education and certifications every year (that list is getting long!). Wendy is originally from San Diego and she is excited to share her love of pilates with the Body in Balance ohana. Her philosophy is simple – Have Fun! and Own Your Workout!

Alysha Oclassen- Instructors

Alysha Oclassen

Alysha Beth Oclassen is a dancer, movement instructor, massage practitioner, health advocate, writer, wife, mother, friend, and explorer. Discovering the joy of movement has been a great gift in her life, shaping the way she sees the world and herself within it. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to share what she has learned along her journey while supporting others in theirs. Along the way, injury and overuse led her to the Pilates technique and it’s incredible ability to balance, strengthen, and rehabilitate made her an instant devotee. Alysha loves blending dance, Pilates and Yoga techniques, tailoring client sessions to each individual and finding new, booty kicking ways to make clients sweat in her dynamic group classes. She loves cheering her clients on as they find their happy place in their own skin and is deeply committed to helping others express their joy.

Steven Haley- Instructors

Steven Haley

Steven was born and raised in small town in Mississippi. A move to Los Angeles in 2005 brought on a new lifestyle and a new focus. As a way to relieve his stress from a career in retail management, Steven found his passion for yoga. After about a year into his yoga practice, he enrolled in his first yoga teacher training in the summer of 2016. Soon after, Steven left his career in retail to pursue a full time career teaching yoga and managing a successful yoga studio in Los Angeles. Steven moved to Maui in 2021, where his passion for teaching yoga continues. With a focus on safety and alignment, it’s Steven’s goal for you to leave class feeling challenged, accomplished, and happy! Steven holds two 200 hour trainings in Power Vinyasa yoga. He also holds a certification in Yoga Sculpt – a blend of foundational yoga asana and cardio/weight training.

Sarah Llewellyn

Sarah Llewellyn

Sarah Llewellyn is a dynamic instructor who specializes in various forms of fitness, dance, and personal training. She has worked professionally for over 15 years as a dancer, performance artist, and Opera Singer (nationally and internationally). She has been featured on several music videos and television, including the “Britain’s Got Talent” semi finals. She went through her first yoga teacher training in 2007 with Annie carpenter (YogaWorks). She also later became certified in BarreWorks, Zumba, Core Power Yoga (200hr), BootyBarre, PopPhysique, and Boxing. Currently Sarah is introducing to Hawaii “D.O.T BOX” created by Sarah. D.O.T. Box combines elements of dancing and boxing in a very unique way that will get your body movin’ and a groovin!