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Meet the Instructors

of Body in Balance Studio

All of our instructors and trainers have just one goal in mind – your safety and success. Here at Body in Balance, we hire only the highest qualified, skilled, and certified instructors and personal trainers who are ready to share their love of fitness with you.

Personal training is an individualized workout plan specified for your personal fitness goals and needs. We can help you lose a few of those unwanted pounds, tone up for the summer, strengthen your core for your favorite sport, or even recover from an injury. No matter what your needs, our instructors are here to inspire, lead, and motivate you.

Ali Bodick- Instructors

Ali Bodick

Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Ali Bodick! Ali’s love for movement started when she was a child, playing every sport imaginable. After college (where she played lacrosse for 3 years), Ali became certified in both personal training and group fitness and she’s been in the health and fitness industry ever since. Ali’s wealth of knowledge about all things fitness is incredible! Schedule a private lesson with her today, or register for one of her Pilates classes.

Alicia Rae Parks

Alicia Rae Parks

Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor

Alicia is an innovator and evolutionary, and believes in bringing wellness into all aspects of life. She’s a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching and leading yoga lifestyle programs since 2008. She’s deeply inspired by Ayurveda and the practical application of yoga in business. She credits yoga for helping her discover who she is, her voice, confidence and creativity.

Alicia has been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 20 years, choosing brands with a mission of care, sustainability and connection to nature. Her study of journalism and marketing in college has been a common thread in her various leadership roles related to sales, marketing, branding, social media, business strategy and education. During the Covid-19 lockdown she and her friend Ashley launched Exhale Wellness at Work to bring yoga-inspired wellness through a livestream format, for home and work.

Cali-girl at heart, Alicia moved to Colorado in the mid-90’s with her family. After living here for over 20 years, she recently moved to Maui and is looking forward to discovering the aloha spirit through the Hawaiin wellness community. She shares her time with her partner, Adam and her son who’s in college studying film.

Certification and Trainings: Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method certification 2020, Face Reflexology certification 2020, Esthiology Program 2017, Intentional Coaching, 4Mat, Principles of Education, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, ABC of Social Media & Digital Marketing, Restorative Teacher Training, Freyja Project 2016 Level Two Yoga Immersion, CorePower Yoga 2010 Level One 200 Hr Teacher Training, CorePower Yoga 2008 Yogi Training, CorePower Yoga 2007 Journey into Healing, Chopra Center, 2007 Level One Pilates Teacher Training, Power Pilates 2006

Alisha Divina

Alisha Divina

ShaktiRize Dance Instructor

Alisha Divina is a Trauma-Informed Feminine Empowerment Coach.

It is her mission to help women liberate themselves from suffering, reclaim their mystical, intuitive, and sensual power, and create the blissfully abundant life they truly desire.

With over a decade of experience and training in transformation, Alisha guides women through emotional healing, belief empowerment, and Goddess embodiment.

Alisha coaches women one-on-one, teaches ShaktiRize dance classes, facilitates women’s circles and Goddess embodiment workshops, and hosts private Goddess in a Body retreats.

Alysha Oclassen- Instructors

Alysha Oclassen

Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor

Alysha Beth Oclassen is a dancer, movement instructor, massage practitioner, health advocate, writer, wife, mother, friend, and explorer. Discovering the joy of movement has been a great gift in her life, shaping the way she sees the world and herself within it. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to share what she has learned along her journey while supporting others in theirs.

Alysha’s fascination with bodies moving in space began with dance at the age of 7. She continued her training in Ballet, Jazz and Modern through college, receiving a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle in 2007. Along the way, injury and overuse led her to the Pilates technique and it’s incredible ability to balance, strengthen, and rehabilitate made her an instant devotee. She completed training programs, first in Classical Pilates under the tutelage of Roman Kryzanowska in 2000, and most recently with Balanced Body Pilates® in 2020 and studied with many other incredible teachers from various different styles in between. Alysha is also a graduate from Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, Atlanta, specializing in Neuromuscular and Sports Massage

In addition to Pilates, Alysha is an avid Yoga practitioner. She completed her first 200 hour yoga training in 2011, her 300 hour training in 2016 and graduated from Lara Hiemann’s anatomy based LYT Yoga’s teacher training program in 2020. She is a registered E-RYT 500 YACEP with Yoga Alliance.

Alysha loves blending dance, Pilates and Yoga techniques, tailoring client sessions to each individual and finding new, booty kicking ways to make clients sweat in her dynamic group classes. She loves cheering her clients on as they find their happy place in their own skin and is deeply committed to helping others express their joy.

Amy Erickson- Instructors

Amy Erickson

Lyra Instructor, Professional Acrobat/Performer, Aerial Yoga Play Instructor, ElevatED Flexibility Instructor

As a young gymnast, Amy learned to love being upside down. She continued to develop this love over the next ten years as a dedicated yogini.

Her journey led to circus arts in 2013 when she took her first flying trapeze class. From there she accelerated into the world of acrobatics, learning wraps and drops on the aerial silks, spins and contortions on the lyra, and became a flying trapeze instructor. In 2015, with the support of her fitness and yoga instructors, Amy received her Aerial Yoga Play certification.

Amy loves sharing the joy found in Aerial yoga and lyra with her students. She thrives on watching them learn to trust their bodies, to grow in their abilities, and let go of their fears – imparting a newfound courage beneficial in all aspects of their lives.

Carol Dichmann

Carol Dichmann

GroupEx and Certified Yoga Instructor

Carol grew up in Ontario, Canada, moved to Central Coast California, where she got married and raised 3 kids. Beautiful Maui is where she and her husband Bob have chosen to empty nest. As well as being a TRX instructor for 10 years, she is an Oncology nurse. Carol is also a certified yoga instructor with an extra certification with “yoga4cancer.” As a nurse, Carol understands the importance of regular exercise for activities of daily living but also to enhance the other activities in life. Hiking, golf, tennis, pickleball, swimming, surfing, SUP (everything Maui has to offer) and especially desk work benefit from strength training, interval training and a mind-body connection. Because of her experience as a nurse and fitness instructor, Carol is ready for someone trying TRX for the first time, but also for the accomplished athlete looking for recovery or a challenging workout. TRX is the perfect fitness modality to meet all fitness goals. Carol likes to make sure the form is correct for maximum benefit AND injury prevention.

Celeste Davis- Instructors

Celeste Davis

Aerial, ElevatED Flexibility

Celeste is a ceaseless creative whose passion for exploring new horizons brought her to Maui from North Carolina.

As a young child, Celeste climbed everything from the ropes of her father’s boat to the kitchen fridge. Always searching for an outlet for her creative energies, she took her first Aerial Silks class right here at Body in Balance in 2016 and was hooked from her very first inversion.

Since then Celeste has gone on to become Aerial Yoga Play Certified and an ElevatED Flexibility instructor. She is finally able to embrace her restless spirit as she expresses her passion through teaching others the circus arts. Celeste finds an exceptional joy in teaching children how to harness their boundless energy into inspiring circus acts.

Chelsea McIntryre

Chelsea McIntryre


Chelsea began her Pilates journey right here, as a student at Body in Balance, taking her first reformer class in 2019. With no plan but a love and curiosity for the method, she quickly signed up for nearby teacher training coursework. Chelsea completed her studies in the full STOTT PILATES repertoire the following year. It came full circle when Chelsea joined the Body in Balance team in December of 2020.

Cindy Masterson

Cindy Masterson

Certified Pilates Instructor

Cindy believes movement not only heals our bodies but is important for mental health as well! She has over 15 years teaching experience and loves the connections she makes with her clients. Her teaching style is challenging yet fun!

Cindy has been a student of movement since age 10 when she began ballet. She trained as a ballerina up through her university years with Royal Academy of Dance. While living in Singapore, she injured her back while practicing for her Tae Kwon Do exam. It was then that she discovered the magic of Pilates. Cindy was amazed at the life changing healing aspect of Pilates and decided to pursue her own Pilates certification. Cindy has been trained with both the Polestar Pilates Method [while living in Singapore] and with Stott Pilates [while living in England]. Having been exposed to two different Pilates methods makes her a very well rounded instructor.

Cindy has a BS in Psychology and an MS in Psychology. She lives in Lahaina and has two amazing grown children living in Texas.

Kellie O'Rourke- Instructors

Kellie O'Rourke

TRX, MAD Dog Spin, Group Fitness Instructor, Urban Iron, Peak Pilates Mat Instructor, Buti Yoga Instructor

Kellie started her life long love of fitness as a gymnast. Along with a love of movement and competition she learned how great form translates into other sports and activities. In high school she began coaching gymnastics and that sparked her love of teaching. She attended Penn State University to get an undergraduate degree in Biology. There, she began teaching fitness classes at the school gym. Teaching innovative fitness classes became a great love and she continued to teach during Graduate school at University of Pittsburgh.

During grad school she became certified in TRX, spin, and other aerobic classes. She also ran two marathons. After a summer vacation during school she made it her goal to move to Hawaii after graduation. Two weeks after she finished she made Maui her home. She continues to run, cycle, hike with her dog, surf and paddle.

Her new fitness goals:
– Complete her 3rd marathon
– Do a triathlon
– Paddle an ocean channel race in her one-man canoe
– Help others complete their fitness goals!

Keri Sutton

Keri Sutton

Dance Instructor

Keri graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and has been teaching children for the past 20 years. She was the lead dance instructor for the Palm Arts Dance Program in Telluride, Colorado where she had the privilege of teaching and nurturing dancers of all ages, from the very youngest in the preschool classes to high school students. Her classes include tap, hip hop, ballet and all that jazz! She also coached the High School Pom/Dance Squad and taught Dance P.E. as well as other fitness classes to adults and kids. She traveled around to different schools bringing dance to their classrooms. Hoping to spread her love for dance, she is thrilled to be teaching classes at Body in Balance.

Kira Davis

Kira Davis

Certified Pilates Instructor

Guest Instructor Kira Davis joining us for the month of May!

From gymnastics to dance, yoga to circus arts, Kira has always been a mover. After surviving an awful car crash in her teens and later seriously injuring her back as a young adult, she realized that she was all flexibility and no strength. She was drawn to Pilates as a tool for strengthening her hyper-mobile frame and immediately enjoyed the stabilizing results it provided. Adopting a strong Pilates practice has helped Kira not only with pain management, but more importantly, it has been the key in keeping hope and motivation alive to get back to a reasonable level of function after severe injury. Kira is inspired by the puzzle of human anatomy and feels excited to explore with clients on their journey back to pain-free locomotion and recovery. With special attention to rehabilitative Pilates, Kira also sends focus into low back pain, arthritis management, plantar fasciitis/bunions, balance, postural alignment, repetitive stress injury, deep core/pelvic floor, SI dysfunction and TMJ issues.

“It is an honor to be part of the process that helps your body move through space with ease.” Outside the studio Kira enjoys being on her paddle board, biking, swimming, gardening or spending time in the sun!

Certifications include:

  • BASI Pilates Instructor; comprehensively certified 2016
  • MELT Method® Instructor; 2018
  • PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) OR/WA #9969; 2021
Kristina Krikes- Instructors

Kristina Krikes

Certified BASI Pilates Instructor

While studying for her BASI Pilates teacher training in Los Angeles, Kristina was completely unaware of how Pilates would transform her life. She has been practicing and teaching the method for the past 14 years and it has given her experiences, relationships, and expansion that she never could have imagined – so many wonderful teachers and students have been her guiding lights and her own body has been a practice field of how to better exist in a body. Kristina loves sharing her knowledge and experience with anyone willing to dig in and get curious. A lifelong Maui visitor, living in Maui has always been Kristina’s dream and she is finally doing it! She is grateful to do the work she loves in the place she loves most of all.

Kyley Gallagher

Kyley Gallagher

Certified Aerial Lyra, Aerial Yoga, and Mat Yoga Instructor

Kyley, better known as “Indigo Wild” on stage, is a former Las Vegas Showgirl specializing in acrobatics, aerial, and fire performances. While living in Las Vegas she had the opportunity to train with Cirque Du Soleil’s world famous acrobats and is currently certified to teach aerial lyra, aerial yoga, and mat yoga. She now resides in Maui where she continues to share her passion for the movement arts.

Parker Bilecky

Parker Bilecky

Zumba Instructor

ZUMBA: Are you ready for a dance party?! Get your groove on at this fun and high energy dance cardio workout. This class will get you on your feet and dancing through a variety of dance genres; including salsa, dance hall, hip hop, and disco! Get ready to sweat, groove, and shake your booty!

Ryan Ridgell

Ryan Ridgell

Certified Pilates Instructor

Ryan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the practice of Pilates. Her Pilates journey began during her graduate studies at the University of Hawaii where she completed her MS degree in Kinesiology with the ATC specialization. During her years of working in the field of sports medicine, she worked with sports teams, physical therapy, group fitness and assisting orthopedic physicians with patient care. During that time, she completed the comprehensive Pilates training program through Balanced Body University, which instilled in her a deep respect for the fundamentals of movement as presented by Joseph Pilates. As a surfer, Ryan understands the importance of maintaining a healthy and strong body. She has used Pilates to improve her own performance, to rehabilitate and prevent injuries, and brings that same focus to her clients. She has a passion for working with individuals of all fitness levels and believes that Pilates can help anyone achieve better posture, improved physical function, a calmer state of mind, and the overall enhancement of health and wellness. Ryan is dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals and works with each client to develop a personalized program that is tailored to unique needs and goals. In addition to Pilates, Ryan also holds certifications in other movement modalities and is able to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to fitness. She offers group, duet, and private sessions and looks forward to meeting you soon.

Sahrit Freud-Meinstein

Sahrit Freud-Meinstein

Pole and GroupEx Instructor

Sahrit is a fireball of fun and a super engaging dance teacher. Sahrit holds a B.Ed. in Dance-Theater and has been teaching Pole Fitness, Chair dance, Heels, Belly Dance, Stretch+, Aerobics, Salsa, Burlesque and more for over 15 years. Sahrit has given workshops in Israel, Europe and the US. Sahrit is a mama to three young kids, and taught her Button ON style till she was 9 months pregnant with her first.

Sahrit’s unique dance and step-breakdown teaching style make her classes fun for any level, whether it’s your first time or a master performer – you’re going to have a blast and wish your friends were there with you!

Stephanie Falcone- Instructors

Stephanie Falcone

Certified Pilates Instructor

Stephanie grew up in Potomac, MD, just outside of Washington, D.C. She moved to Nashville, TN in 2009 to attend Vanderbilt University, where she was a Division I swimmer. During the summer of 2010, she was looking for another way to cross-train for swimming and discovered the Pilates Reformer. She quickly fell in love with the workout and realized it was something she wanted to learn to teach. Stephanie completed her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Body in September 2011, and her PMA® certification in December 2014.

Stephanie moved to Maui in October 2015 and loves island life. She enjoys teaching Pilates because it is continually challenging and extremely beneficial for the body. It has also helped her through shoulder injuries from many years of competitive swimming. As a result, she has the drive to help others through their athletic injuries. She believes strongly in the power of movement and the importance of physical fitness for both the mind and body.

When not teaching her classes, Stephanie can be found performing as a singer/songwriter and working on paintings for her online Etsy store.

Steven Haley- Instructors

Steven Haley

GroupEx Instructor

Steven was born and raised in small town in Mississippi. A move to Los Angeles in 2005 brought on a new lifestyle and a new focus. As a way to relieve his stress from a career in retail management, Steven found his passion for yoga. After about a year into his yoga practice, he enrolled in his first yoga teacher training in the summer of 2016. Soon after, Steven left his career in retail to pursue a full time career teaching yoga and managing a successful yoga studio in Los Angeles. Steven moved to Maui in 2021, where his passion for teaching yoga continues. With a focus on safety and alignment, it’s Steven’s goal for you to leave class feeling challenged, accomplished, and happy! Steven holds two 200 hour trainings in Power Vinyasa yoga. He also holds a certification in Yoga Sculpt – a blend of foundational yoga asana and cardio/weight training.

“If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain” – Dolly Parton

Suzanne Bieser

Suzanne Bieser

Yoga Instructor

I graduated college in the sciences, took on science based jobs (field work, customer service to eventually outside sales), and after about 8 years, I didn’t feel passionate about my career. I was always passionate about exercise since I taught aerobics during college, and was always a member at some sort of club. At my most favorite club, I interviewed for the membership sales position. They enthusiastically hired me because they saw me there almost everyday and knew I’d be a great fit. I quickly became the top sales person because I LOVED helping people make healthy decisions for themselves, and could explain the benefits of the club and fitness first hand since I tried most everything there. Working and working out at Club Sport exposed me to so many fitness activities and specialists that I’m certain the knowledge and friendships I gained over 24 years there from personal trainers, physical therapists, group X instructors, yoga teachers, swim coaches, Spartan race coaches, tennis players, and massage therapists will be an asset to any class I teach. While I practiced yoga since the late ‘90’s, experiencing injuries from my more aggressive activities, I started to embrace yoga more over the last 10+ years. My neighbors here were eager for me to start a class in the community, knowing I was working on my certification, and my class has had up to 15 students (when the snowbirds come to town). They give me such positive feedback that (mostly) helped me get rid of “imposter syndrome.”

Tara Angioletti- Instructors

Tara Angioletti

Pilates Instructor

Tara is one of Body in Balance’s Pilates instructors. Schedule a private lesson with her today, or register for one of her Pilates classes.

Wendy Savage- Instructors

Wendy Savage

GroupEx and Pilates Instructor

After taking her first Pilates class in 2011, she immediately signed up for teacher training, not fully realizing the amazing door she had just walked through. The journey has been so much more rewarding than she had ever anticipated, and she continues to add to her education and certifications every year (that list is getting long!). Since her beginning, she has become a Master Trainer for Barre Above and Pilates.The studio is her happy place and she is so grateful to help people move and feel better. Wendy is originally from San Diego and she is excited to share her love of Pilates with the Body in Balance ‘ohana. Wendy’s favorite JP quote is “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates, and her philosophy is simple – Have Fun! and Own Your Workout!

Yvette Richard

Yvette Richard

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, Ballet Instructor

Yvette Richard earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance, Choreography and Education from San Francisco State University in 2000. She danced with EMBAJE Dance Company, performing throughout the bay area and studied with recognized dance educator, Dr. Albirda Rose. Yvette has also practiced Pilates since her college years and became a Stott certified Mat and Reformer instructor in 2008.

Since her move to the islands in 2000, she has performed at various venues on Maui and neighboring islands with renowned choreographers David Ward, Andre Morissette and Koablue Dance Theater. In 2006, she worked as featured aerial acrobat for Mo’olelo Productions theatrical show, Honua’ula at the Marriott, Wailea and spent several years as the resident dance instructor at Island Spirit Yoga. In 2008, she gave birth to her first son, Noah Kai and then Tristan Nalu in 2010 and loves her new role as a mother.

Currently, Yvette is thrilled to be teaching both Pilates Reformer and Kid’s Ballet at Body In Balance.