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Group Classes

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Our schedule changes every month to keep your fitness fresh! Please see the online schedule for the most accurate class and teacher listing. Not all classes run at all times. Have a request? We can certainly schedule any class you like as a private lesson!

Aerial Lyra (Adults & Kids)

Aerial Lyra or Hoop classes are anything but ordinary! Try something new while gaining strength, flexibility, and balance! Work on mind‐body connections in a fun, friendly environment! This class is open to new students young and old who want to learn the basic skills and returning students who want to reinforce and build on those skills. This class is all-levels and no experience is necessary.

Aerial / Keiki

Aerial Silks (Adults & Kids)

Elevate your fitness! Learn the art of Aerial silks. Part acrobatics, part gymnastics, part Pilates, all an amazing workout. You’ll learn basic skills such as foot lock and climbs, and progress to complicated wraps, poses, and, if you’re ready, aerial drops.

Aerial / Keiki

Aerial Hammock

Take your yoga practice to new heights! Aerial yoga uses the silk swing to support the weight of the body so you can attain optimal alignment in yoga asana. Decompress the spine while strengthening the core muscles, access deeper backbends, and sustain challenging inversions.


Aerial Yoga Swing

Let your yoga take flight and swing your way into feeling fit and having fun. Aerial yoga play allows a combination of benefits similar to aerial yoga, Pilates, suspended resistance training, acrobatics and dance all rolled into one for an amazing suspended fitness experience.


Barre Sculpting & Toning

Barre Sculpting & Toning is a great way to tighten, tone and strengthen your muscles without bulking up. This barre class uses weights and other resistance props are added to the barre foundational programming for a more intense challenge throughout this total body workout at the barre! Suggested for more seasoned barre clients.


Full-Body HIIT Workout

Get ready to sweat and raise your endorphins while having fun! HIIT workouts involve bursts of high and/or low impact moves to raise your heart rate, mixed with intervals of resistance training and recovery rests. The benefits of HIIT workouts include burning more calories by boosting your metabolism, cardio conditioning, losing weight, and building muscle. High impact moves are optional and can be substituted with low-impact moves as shown by the instructor. Bring water, a sweat towel, and wear athletic shoes.


Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga

A potpourri of yoga poses and flows for all levels of yoga practitioners. Each week may have a different focus and theme, incorporating core and balance into each class. Come with an open mind, open heart and enjoy!

Classes / GroupEx

Pole Fit

Conditioning and stretching may not be the most glamorous aspect of pole dancing, but it’s always more fun with friends! Together we will warm up on the mat with stretching + incorporate some sexy floorwerk before making our way to the poles. Progressive circuit-style exercises will help strengthen our muscles. We’ll finish with a short, beginner-friendly dance combo to get the heart pumping and optional freestyle pole-play at the end of class.

Aerial / New Class / Pole

Keiki Dance

Keiki Dance is confidence building ballet, hip-hop, and creative movement for the whole Ohana! This introductory dance class is a great place for keiki (boys and girls) to express their individuality – parents encouraged to join the fun!


Keiki & Junior Ballet

Plies, pirouettes, and plenty of fun! Our kid’s dance classes are specially designed for the little leaper in your life. Each class is set in a series to allow the children to grow as a group, so pre-registration is required. Please inquire about age restrictions.


Private Pole Parties

Bachelorette and Pole Parties are unforgettable! Learn how to strut, spin, circle, and swirl your way around the pole in a fun, frisky, and supportive environment. Choose your own entertainment: Do you want just pole dancing? Do you want a full workout? Do you want to add a little lap dancing? Do you want it all? Just let us know! We can book your event 7 days a week, outside of the current schedule of classes.


Reformer Foundations and Flow

Build your function from the ground up! This class is meant to help foster newer clients into the Pilates method, but is still great for advanced clients to take their Pilates knowledge to a deeper level. This slow flow class incorporates the foundations of Pilates and healthy movement, keeping clients moving while improving control and coordination throughout their bodies. Reformer Foundations primarily reformer based, with introduction to the exo chair and various other props integrated throughout. *PILATES SOCKS REQUIRED


Reformer Fit and Flow

This intermediate class format adds weights and various props to increase the intensity of the Pilates repertoire to challenge you your foundational movement patterns and increase body awareness. Pilates principles are still at the core of class programming, and use of the reformer and exo chair as well as multiple props may be used to maximize class flow and intensity. Not recommended for clients new to Reformer. *PILATES SOCKS REQUIRED


Reformer Cardio Flow

Shake up your Pilates practice with this low impact cardio workout. You’ll get your heart rate up while jumping lying on your back! This class layers in jumping with Pilates exercises to move your spine in all directions, leaving you with a full body workout and the satisfaction of getting your sweat on! *PILATES SOCKS REQUIRED



Design your behind (lower body) Sharpen your arms (upper body). Strengthen your core and improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility while burning fat and calories by using weights. This class is taught using the HIIT format (short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods) and is designed to make your body defined and lean.



In Hinduism, the word “Shakti” means “empowerment” or “power” and is the concept of the personification of the Divine Feminine creative power. ShaktiRize dance provides a powerful and transformative self-love learning environment that has helped countless women step into their feminine power and shine their light with the world. This all women dance class will ignite your inner fire with bumping beats and fill you up with divine inspiration. Rize with us, sisters!

Dance / GroupEx / New Class

TRX Total Body

Torch calories. Sculpt Muscles. Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This class can be tough, but with practice, you’ll only get stronger and stronger! All levels welcome.


Power Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga encourages you to move your body in sync with your breath, which is beneficial in so many ways. Both strength and flexibility are challenged, but this class focuses more on building strength than a traditional vinyasa yoga class.


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is unique in that it incorporates hand weights, strength building, and cardio into the practice. It’s perfect for those looking for both weight training AND yoga.


Yoga Foundations

Whether you’re new to yoga, looking for guidance on doing poses correctly, or have only done online yoga with no hands-on instruction, this is the perfect class for proper alignment, form, and getting familiar with common yoga poses. Modifications and props offered for all levels of yoga practitioners, where core work and balance are integrated into class.

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Are you ready for a dance party?! Get your groove on at this fun and high energy dance cardio workout. This class will get you on your feet and dancing through a variety of dance genres; including salsa, dance hall, hip hop, and disco! Get ready to sweat, groove, and shake your booty!

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Balanced Body. Balanced Life.