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Pole Classes

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Our schedule changes every month to keep your fitness fresh! Please see the online schedule for the most accurate class and teacher listing. Not all classes run at all times. Have a request? We can certainly schedule any class you like as a private lesson!

Pole Fit

Conditioning and stretching may not be the most glamorous aspect of pole dancing, but it’s always more fun with friends! Together we will warm up on the mat with stretching + incorporate some sexy floorwerk before making our way to the poles. Progressive circuit-style exercises will help strengthen our muscles. We’ll finish with a short, beginner-friendly dance combo to get the heart pumping and optional freestyle pole-play at the end of class.

Aerial / New Class / Pole

Private Pole Parties

Bachelorette and Pole Parties are unforgettable! Learn how to strut, spin, circle, and swirl your way around the pole in a fun, frisky, and supportive environment. Choose your own entertainment: Do you want just pole dancing? Do you want a full workout? Do you want to add a little lap dancing? Do you want it all? Just let us know! We can book your event 7 days a week, outside of the current schedule of classes.


Pole Instructors

Amy Erickson- Instructors

Amy Erickson

As a young gymnast, Amy learned to love being upside down. She continued to develop this love over the next ten years as a dedicated yogini.

Her journey led to circus arts in 2013 when she took her first flying trapeze class. From there she accelerated into the world of acrobatics, learning wraps and drops on the aerial silks, spins and contortions on the lyra, and became a flying trapeze instructor. In 2015, with the support of her fitness and yoga instructors, Amy received her Aerial Yoga Play certification.

Amy loves sharing the joy found in Aerial yoga and lyra with her students. She thrives on watching them learn to trust their bodies, to grow in their abilities, and let go of their fears – imparting a newfound courage beneficial in all aspects of their lives.

Sahrit Freud-Meinstein

Sahrit Freud-Meinstein

Sahrit is a fireball of fun and a super engaging dance teacher. Sahrit holds a B.Ed. in Dance-Theater and has been teaching Pole Fitness, Chair dance, Heels, Belly Dance, Stretch+, Aerobics, Salsa, Burlesque and more for over 15 years. Sahrit has given workshops in Israel, Europe and the US. Sahrit is a mama to three young kids, and taught her Button ON style till she was 9 months pregnant with her first.

Sahrit’s unique dance and step-breakdown teaching style make her classes fun for any level, whether it’s your first time or a master performer – you’re going to have a blast and wish your friends were there with you!