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Pilates Classes

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Our schedule changes every month to keep your fitness fresh! Please see the online schedule for the most accurate class and teacher listing. Not all classes run at all times. Have a request? We can certainly schedule any class you like as a private lesson!

Reformer Foundations and Flow

Build your function from the ground up! This class is meant to help foster newer clients into the Pilates method, but is still great for advanced clients to take their Pilates knowledge to a deeper level. This slow flow class incorporates the foundations of Pilates and healthy movement, keeping clients moving while improving control and coordination throughout their bodies. Reformer Foundations primarily reformer based, with introduction to the exo chair and various other props integrated throughout. *PILATES SOCKS REQUIRED


Reformer Fit and Flow

This intermediate class format adds weights and various props to increase the intensity of the Pilates repertoire to challenge you your foundational movement patterns and increase body awareness. Pilates principles are still at the core of class programming, and use of the reformer and exo chair as well as multiple props may be used to maximize class flow and intensity. Not recommended for clients new to Reformer. *PILATES SOCKS REQUIRED


Reformer Cardio Flow

Shake up your Pilates practice with this low impact cardio workout. You’ll get your heart rate up while jumping lying on your back! This class layers in jumping with Pilates exercises to move your spine in all directions, leaving you with a full body workout and the satisfaction of getting your sweat on! *PILATES SOCKS REQUIRED


Pilates Instructors

Ali Bodick - Instructors

Ali Bodick

Ali’s love for movement started when she was a child, playing every sport imaginable. After college (where she played lacrosse for 3 years), Ali became certified in both personal training and group fitness and she’s been in the health and fitness industry ever since. Ali’s wealth of knowledge about all things fitness is incredible! Schedule a private lesson with her today, or register for one of her Pilates classes.

Kellie O'Rourke- Instructors

Kellie O'Rourke

Kellie started her life long love of fitness as a gymnast. Along with a love of movement and competition she learned how great form translates into other sports and activities. In high school she began coaching gymnastics and that sparked her love of teaching. She attended Penn State University to get an undergraduate degree in Biology. There, she began teaching fitness classes at the school gym. Teaching innovative fitness classes became her great love!

Kristina Krikes- Instructors

Kristina Krikes

While studying for her BASI Pilates teacher training in Los Angeles, Kristina was completely unaware of how Pilates would transform her life. She has been practicing and teaching the method for the past 14 years and it has given her experiences, relationships, and expansion that she never could have imagined – so many wonderful teachers and students have been her guiding lights and her own body has been a practice field of how to better exist in a body.

Stephanie Falcone- Instructors

Stephanie Falcone

Stephanie attend Vanderbilt University, where she was a Division I swimmer. During the summer of 2010, she was looking for another way to cross-train for swimming and discovered the Pilates Reformer. She quickly fell in love with the workout and realized it was something she wanted to learn to teach. Stephanie completed her Comprehensive Pilates and PMA® Certification. She enjoys teaching Pilates because it is continually challenging and extremely beneficial for the body.

Wendy Savage- Instructors

Wendy Savage

After taking her first Pilates class in 2011, she immediately signed up for teacher training, not fully realizing the amazing door she had just walked through. The journey has been so much more rewarding than she had ever anticipated, and she continues to add to her education and certifications every year (that list is getting long!). Since her beginning, she has become a Master Trainer for Barre Above and Pilates.The studio is her happy place and she is so grateful to help people move and feel better. Wendy is originally from San Diego and she is excited to share her love of Pilates with the Body in Balance ‘ohana. Wendy’s favorite JP quote is “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates, and her philosophy is simple – Have Fun! and Own Your Workout!

Alysha Oclassen- Instructors

Alysha Oclassen

Alysha Beth Oclassen is a dancer, movement instructor, massage practitioner, health advocate, writer, wife, mother, friend, and explorer. Discovering the joy of movement has been a great gift in her life, shaping the way she sees the world and herself within it. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to share what she has learned along her journey while supporting others in theirs. Along the way, injury and overuse led her to the Pilates technique and it’s incredible ability to balance, strengthen, and rehabilitate made her an instant devotee.

Chelsea McIntryre

Chelsea McIntryre

Chelsea began her Pilates journey right here, as a student at Body in Balance, taking her first reformer class in 2019. With no plan but a love and curiosity for the method, she quickly signed up for nearby teacher training coursework. Chelsea completed her studies in the full STOTT PILATES repertoire the following year. It came full circle when Chelsea joined the Body in Balance team in December of 2020.

Tara Angioletti- Instructors

Tara Angioletti

Tara is one of Body in Balance’s Pilates instructors. Schedule a private lesson with her today, or register for one of her Pilates classes.

Cindy Masterson

Cindy Masterson

Cindy believes movement not only heals our bodies but is important for mental health as well! She has over 15 years teaching experience and loves the connections she makes with her clients. Her teaching style is challenging yet fun! Cindy has been a student of movement since age 10 when she began ballet. She trained as a ballerina up through her university years with Royal Academy of Dance. While living in Singapore, she injured her back while practicing for her Tae Kwon Do exam. It was then that she discovered the magic of Pilates. Cindy was amazed at the life changing healing aspect of Pilates and decided to pursue her own Pilates certification. Cindy has been trained with both the Polestar Pilates Method [while living in Singapore] and with Stott Pilates [while living in England]. Having been exposed to two different Pilates methods makes her a very well rounded instructor. Cindy has a BS in Psychology and an MS in Psychology. She lives in Lahaina and has two amazing grown children living in Texas.