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What Our Students Say
Kristen, 3/20/2019
best workout experience

I have taken many classes such as Trx, aerial yoga, Pilates; and one on one personal training.  Whatever your workout needs are body in balance can provide. Working with Amanda Furgiuele for personal training was the best workout experience I have ever encountered, definitely worth the money!

Krystal, 3/20/2019
I love this studio

I love this studio because it is beautiful, clean, and has a wide range of classes.  Amanda is my favorite instructor, she keeps things light and fun and before you know you are done and had a great work out! Try the pole series!

ZZ, 3/19/2019
Epic vibe

This is my favorite place to get my sweat on! Super clean space with an epic vibe. It's a small sized studio with small classes so you get lots of personalized instruction. Amanda is my personal favorite, her good energy is contagious and she makes workouts enjoyable! Try aerial, its good fun!

Leslie, 3/16/2019
Love spinning pole class

I've been taking pole classes with C.A. Her energy is stellar - very sweet. She has a great structure to her classes and is open to requests. C.A. has a great balance between challenging you and honoring your body's needs to take pause. I am in between levels so I find it very helpful that she can offer a modification to a trick if I cannot quite do it. I love that she asks about our pole goals. It's a very proactive approach she takes to tailor classes to the needs of her students. C.A. is also in tune! I've experienced a number of times where someone's goal is already on the agenda for that day. Love her spinning pole class. Go!

Gina, 3/14/2019
Really good Pilates Reformer instructors

Body in Balance always has really good Pilates reformer instructors. This review is about Amie Baca as I have taken the most classes from her during my annual three-month stay on Maui. Amie has a keen eye and doesn't miss a thing in class.  She is able to quickly see the five different bodies on the reformers and make very appropriate adjustments as warranted. I have been taking reformer classes since 2005 and often don't learn many new things in class.  Amie has shown me a more effective way to do several exercises, which i am going to take home to my instructors in Minnesota. I came to Maui almost three months ago with some chronic back issues.  I am so happy to report that due to Amie's excellent reformer instruction, my back feels substantially better. If you get a chance, check Amie out.  You will be happy you did. Aloha!

JH, 3/14/2019
I love Body in Balance!

They have so many different classes, but my favorite is Pilates! My favorite instructor is Amie Baca. I have taken Pilates classes for many years and have never experienced a teacher like Amie! She teaches from the heart and knows her stuff. I recommend her classes for sure. Also, invest in a private session. You won't be disappointed!

Julia, 3/6/2019
Highly recommend!

The front desk girl, Beth, is an angel. She was so helpful in getting me set up for class and answering all of my questions. All of the instructors are great. Amanda is my favorite for barre. She is very focused on technique and will make sure you feel the burn! I know it works thanks to their body scan capabilities! Love the variety of classes offered as well. Not sure there is anywhere else nearby that offers reformer classes. The studio is beautiful and spacious, and most importantly CLEAN! Highly recommend!

Janette, 3/4/2019
Pilates instructor is one of the best

Pilates instructor Ms. Aime Baca is one of the best I have encountered. She is proficient in her knowledge of the Reformer, Mat and Tower, and makes the class well rounded and exciting. She is excellent in the proper usage and has the ability to explain and instruct as the class proceeds. She is friendly and understanding, but is determined to have you get the proper results. She's the best.

Joe, 2/28/2019
Check out Body in Balance while on Maui

Always have check out body in balance while you're on Maui. I really enjoy the mat Pilates class. Amazing Amanda and the others are talented and passionate about their work.

JonaBeth, 2/27/2019
Classy, judgement-free studio

Personal Training with Amanda at Body In Balance is one of the best treats I've ever given myself.  Her workout sessions are creative, challenging, and fun, plus you get to look & feel better the more you indulge! The studio vibe is somewhere between 'peace & love' and 'get $**t done', which I find refreshing.  If you're looking for someone to push you into becoming the best version of yourself, in a classy, judgement-free studio, then you needn't look any further.  Book yourself some time with Amanda, enjoy your new life, buy me a beer later to thank me for the good advice. Also, I train with Beth, learning aerial silks, lyra, dance trapeze, as well as chakra flow yoga sessions.  She has a great way of leading me to an understanding of the 'why' behind what I'm learning, which is paramount to building a great foundation.  Love her hands-on assists, as well as the 'figure it out' moments she allows us all.

Naomi, 2/27/2019
Favorite studio EVER!

Creative and effective classes with knowledgeable and welcoming instructors. Great atmosphere! Can't wait to go back!

Stephanie, 1/23/2019

Amie is incredible. I have been suffering for 7 years with chronic pain but was encouraged to try Pilates and am now in love with it. I could not have asked for a better instructor, Amie listens to my concerns, helps me make modifications when need be and has helped me build up my strength so I am no longer in severe pain. I would recommend her to anyone she's amazing!

Erin, 5/29/2018
Can't imagine my life without this place

If you are looking to get in shape without getting bored then this place is for you. I started taking classes at Body in balance in 2014. In 2015, I sought the help of a personal trainer (Amanda) and from January to September that year she helped me lose 65 pounds. I now have a wonderful package that allows me 15 visits a month. I can choose between Mat and equipment classes. I go to at least 2 pilates classes a week. One with Or and one with Stephanie Falcone. Both are excellent. I also like Amie Baca's tower Pilates class on Saturday mornings. It feels so good! I started attending Beth Russell's Chakra Yoga class this past December. I have never really been into yoga but her class has changed me in such a positive way. I now attend her class twice a week and I am so grateful for it. I can't imagine my life without this place.

Ben, 11/10/2017
Personal Training Made A Difference

Just got out of some extra large surf! It was some serious stuff! My training sessions [with Amanda] DEFINITELY made a difference in my cardio and confidence! That is the only reason I went out and was right up there with the young guns, neck to neck, and didn't have a problem breathing or getting winded. You must have a PHD in the work you do! Thank you!

Alana, 7/27/2017

What a fun, interactive and confidence boosting work out! Amanda was truly fantastic. Our group of 19 celebrating our bachelorette showed up almost an hour late and not only was Amanda so understanding, she still gave us a great class with the time that we had! She makes you feel sexy and completely capable of trying all the moves! 10/10 would recommend and wish I lived on the island to take classes regularly!!!!!

Summer, 5/16/2017
Hidden gem oasis

Tucked away in this industrial complex is a gem hidden oasis. Somewhere you can go to let your body restore to its natural state and your mind retreat from whatever it is you need to get away from. I was first hesitant to take a class here being that im a big girl thats out of shape when it comes to any type of yoga or fitness classes but consider myself to be average when it comes to outdoor fitness. The staff was very assuring and helpful that yes! these beautiful silky fabrics would hold me in my journey to aerial yoga. My first class was with amy in aerial play who is a young bubbling personality thats vibes had me really getting into my zen mode. The moves were foreign but she took the time to help adjust me and give me options for an easier or harder(ya right) way to do things. My second class today was the regular aerial yoga with amanda. I found out quite quickly the two classes were very different. The second being more intense and challenging and depending more on myself then the silks. Amanda had a nice touch of pushing and supporting me in the moves but also being mindful of my limits as a newcomer. I did a full inversion this time around as shown in my pic. Amanda also was kind enough to snap a few photos and send then to me!!! All in all the pain i entered the room with melted away and my mobility was restored in this hour of body wellness and i cant wait go to my next class. Thanks amanda and amy.

Michelle, 5/16/2017
Excellent place while away on vacation

As for the class, what can I say? I'm not new to aerial yoga but I can say I loved it. I even sweated a little more than usual. Amanda is a wonderful instructor. She has a great way of cuing and the transitions from one pose to the next come together so well. She also works to everyone's level and is very patient. I learned some new things myself. I left with that feeling after any aerial yoga class and that is pure bliss and opened up. An excellent place to get all kinds of different movement in while away on vacation. I will certainly make my way back here to try out the other classes as well that are grounded nonetheless are fun and challenging.

Chuck, 3/24/2017
I got an active life back

I know Body and Balance is considered a fitness studio, but for me it is more like a fitness club of which I am a member. When I returned to Maui to live in late fall of 2011, I weighed 268 and was so muscularly immobile I could not touch my feet (couldn't wear shoes with laces). I became a twice a week participant in a mat Pilates class. Amanda is superbly patient and instructive (and mean as hell...funny too). My muscles got longer, leaner, and stronger and I got an active life back. These days I do Pilates occasionally, Barre classes regularly for cardio and balance, and currently a six week Shred series (cardio, balance and muscle tone) with another inspiring instructor Kellie O'Rouke.

Will, 2/9/2017
Really positive environment and experience!

Took an aerial yoga play class here and it was amazing. I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was so much fun and we had a really great time. Worked up a little sweat too. I couldn't help laugh during some of the upside down moments. The instructor was really great and the studio felt super well taken care of and professional. Really positive environment and experience! We'll be back!

Kyle, 10/27/16
Incredible Fitness Studio

Body in Balance is an incredible fitness studio lead by the amazingly funny, creative and friendly Amanda Furgiuele. Amanda really cares about people and understands all the reasons someone might want to start getting or keep in shape. Her studio is super welcoming to everyone and is always incorporating new and fun types of workouts. If you care about your body, you need to check out Body in Balance!

Lizzperation, 12/3/16
Nice vibe

I come to this studio for barre whenever I visit Maui. I even brought my family, who have never tried Pilates, in for a beginner class. The instructor, Or, was exceptionally patient and kind! Nice vibe.

Samantha, 10/15/16
Great studio and epic workout!!!

Great studio and epic workout!!! Amanda and Kelly made my husband and I feel right at home. We bought a class package right away. So excited for their clothing sale on Sunday and black light yoga on 9/30.

Cambria, 6/24/16
So much fun!!

I've been taking the baby barre class. First of all, it's way too cute. It makes my day to see all of the precious babies with their mamas. Secondly, Danielle is a great instructor and keeps the class flowing well. She gives different options and works with the babies even when they're cranky. So much fun!!

Rebecca, 9/21/16
I found my Pilates Kindred Spirit!

Wednesday I found my Pilates Kindred Spirit. If you're on the island of Maui, take a Pilates session with Sonja at Body in Balance Pilates & Personal Training Studio. I felt stronger, looser, and more aware of my body than I had in several years. this is why I practice Pilates. It increases mind/body connection, strengthens your muscles and posture, and increases your flexibility. And at the end of my session with Sonja, I was reminded what it felt like to value my body and my own personal strength. #findyourstrong

Susan, 12/27/15
I can't wait to go back!

This studio is pristine clean with a huge array of classes to broaden your yoga, dance and exercise practices. I took my first aerial yoga class here and felt safe and challenged... just to the right level of what was perfect for me. Amanda has that skill of knowing your movements and adapting the practice to meet individual need. I can't wait to go back!

Kristen, 2/28/16

MUST TRY TRX!!! Great place to help you reach your goals! I took the TRX boot camp, even though it was a group class it felt like a one on one personal training session. The instructor was a master in exercise physiologist. Under his guidance, I had the confidence to push myself without fear of getting injured. I am excited to take more classes to work towards my goals!

Leslie, 7/25/2015
Fun, intimate fitness studio

Body in Balance is a fun, intimate fitness studio. They offer a variety of classes  -- from spin to yoga to pole fitness. I enjoy two classes in particular: pole and aerial yoga. Don't be intimidated by a pole class! I had always been intrigued by pole fitness, but it took me awhile to make the commitment and go. The class is about 90 minutes, and  involves a toning workout for the first half. After the workout, you move on to pole work. The instructor breaks down the moves so they are easy to follow. Before you know it, you're putting the steps together and doing a fun, sexy mini-routine. It is empowering! I'm excited to try it again and gain new skills. Aerial yoga is a unique way to experience yoga. You use aerial silks tied to make a swing, basically.  The class does a warm up first, then starts incorporating the swing into the practice. It aids in different poses and inversions. The class doesn't have a serious vibe, but that doesn't mean you don't get a workout!  The best part of aerial yoga was shavasana - because you're basically relaxing in a hammock. I highly recommend any class taught by Amanda. She  is a terrific instructor - very motivating. She challenges  the most advanced students, but her classes are also accessible. She provides options /modifications to accommodate athletes, novices and  everyone in between.

Michelle, 5/27/15
Excellent instructors, wide variety of classes

I moved to Maui just over a year ago and the first thing I did was sign up with Body in Balance to continue my Pilates training. I am continually impressed with the level of excellence the instructors bring to each class. There is a welcoming atmosphere for residents as well as visitors. Body in Balance is a wonderful, professional bodyworks studio with classes for every level of expertise. I am fortunate to live in Maui but life here is even better with a great pilates studio to go to.

Jenelle, 5/29/15
Great class offerings and instructors

It had been nearly a year and a half since I took a pilates, TRX, Yoga, or sculpting class so I was nervous when I began taking classes at Body in Balance. To my delight, the instructors were understanding of my current limitations, need for reviewing poses, and gave me alternatives when I wasn't keeping up with the rest of the class. I've appreciated their patients and support as I get back into shape. I also appreciate the different classes offered so I can never use the excuse that I'm bored with a class!

Jessica, 7/16/15
Outstanding overall experience

I have regularly attended group fitness classes at Body in Balance over the last 5 years and have recently signed up for some one-on-one personal training sessions with Amanda. I am the type of athlete who would rather be outside in nature doing pretty much anything rather than being stuck indoors, yet somehow the inviting atmosphere created by Amanda and her team of trained professionals keeps bringing me back to the studio multiple times each week! They truly make fitness FUN! With an enticing array of unconventional classes and an experimental, creative attitude, I always walk out the door with a smile on my face, feeling the burn, and proud of myself for succeeding at something new.

Elizabeth, 5/27/2015
Clean, friendly, and organized

Body in Balance has outlasted many other studios in West Maui. I have taken yoga, pilates, chair pilates and aerial yoga here. All classes have been fun and run by great instructors. The space is laid out with lots of equipment and options. This is a REAL workout studio, and not for the novice. The Aerial Yoga was one of the hardest physical classes I have ever attempted. Clean, friendly, and organized, Amanda runs a tight ship. There are many packages to buy and you can freeze them for your next visit. Note that some classes are mat and some equipment based, so plan accordingly, as the first time I had to adjust the package that I bought to take different style classes. Lastly, go online and book a class ahead of time to ensure that the class is scheduled.

Lori, 4/15/15
Best Studio on the Island!

Body in Balance is hands down the best studio on the island for personalized training, unique class opportunities, classes for all ages and skill levels...everything from group to private training sessions is awesome. My family loves it! The owner is exceptional--talented, professional, and inspiring. Amanda is my favorite instructor. I go because it is so private and personal, unlike cookie cutter or one technique gyms/studios. You can stick with what you love and/or branch out and try new, adventurous classes. They have new equipment in a clean space, great merchandise for sale, and supplements/oils/products that support a healthy lifestyle. Their online sign up is easy and efficient. If you are a local looking for a new, fun fitness opportunity or a visitor who wants a unique exercise experience on Maui, Body in Balance is for you! Check it out! You'll fall in love with it, too!

Rebekah, 3/17/15
Fun Fitness!

I felt a sense of relief when I found Body In Balance. I was looking for a studio that offered an array of classes that would challenge me (e.g. aerial yoga, cardio barre, etc) and allow me to slow things down when I needed it (e.g. gentle yoga, stretching, etc.). Amanda offers a wide variety of classes that fit all levels and are small enough in size to offer that personal touch we all need!