Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Body In Balance
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Mat, Yoga

A lighthearted class combing traditional postures with Vinyasa transitions. Students will harmonize the breath with a series of asana (postures) linked together in a natural, flowing sequence. Class includes basic techniques, gentle adjustments, core strengthening and fun. A multi-level class suitable for anyone that is already physically active. Vinyasa flow is a journey into the energizing, healing potential of the breath. By connecting breath with movement, the asana practice becomes a moving meditation and an exploration of the self, with benefits extending well beyond the increased flexibility and strength that accompany a consistent yoga practice. Though the class has the element of fluid movement, there is a strong emphasis on foundation and alignment, enhancing the experience and benefits of each pose and preventing injury. (M)

Michele Armstrong