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Balancing Acts

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Balancing Acts

We all know the struggle to achieve the elusive “work-life balance.” Between technology, appointments, soccer games, family obligations, and so much more, we barely have time to think, let alone hold on to some semblance of a social calendar or fitness regime. It is possible, however, to have it all. Yes, it’s all about balancing acts.

Here are a few tricks to help your balancing acts:

1) Make a plan.

I know Maui isn’t exactly known for careful plans and scheduling, but a little foresight can go a long way. Schedule your workouts. Schedule your bedtime. Schedule your nights out with friends. Schedule time to pack your lunch. It may seem a little crazy and yes, overly obsessive, but putting some thought into the week can definitely help improve your productivity.

Balancing Acts

2) Make fitness fun.

Face it, a workout is actually work and no matter how motivated you think you are, if you hate it, you won’t do it. It’s easiest to balance your workout schedule when you’re doing an activity or taking a class you truly enjoy. Whether you’re meeting your best buds for a fitness session, or you finally found that certain instructor who makes you go the extra mile, you’re more likely to continue showing up if it’s something you enjoy.

3) Make it worth it.

Who has time for a bad workout? Not me. And if I put a workout DVD on, chances are I’ll drink a glass of wine instead of doing a single sit-up. Fitness classes are a great option because quite frankly, they end. You know from the start how long you have to be there and your instructor isn’t going to let you quit before making use of every last second. What does this mean for you? An efficient workout that makes the best use of your time.

4) Make time for things you love.

It will help keep you sane in the midst of all the craziness life brings. Figure out what relaxes you—and yes, you can say, “a glass of whiskey” — and make sure to include that in your day-to-day endeavors. Even a few minutes of bliss can affect your entire outlook.

5) Ignore #1.

Feeling run-down? Haven’t seen the sunset since 1973? Sometimes when you’re struggling to catch up on sleep, or you really just want to go out with a friend, DO IT. Throw out those carefully laid plans you made in step 1 and live a little. Sometimes “me-time” is the only time you need.