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Introducing InBody230 at Body in Balance

inBody230 Inbody Analysis

Introducing InBody230 at Body in Balance

Lahaina – Body in Balance has gone high-tech with their latest offering in body composition analysis–the InBody230. The world’s best technology meets real-world function, right in Lahaina!

“I’m completely obsessed with this machine,” exclaims studio owner, Amanda Furgiuele. “I have always hated the scale! It doesn’t teach you anything other than some arbitrary number. The InBody230 teaches you exactly what you’re ‘made’ of–pounds of lean muscle, pounds of fat, percentage of body fat, how many calories you burn at rest, segmental lean mass (right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, left leg), everything! It tells you how much each arm weighs — that’s amazing!”

Body in Balance is the only facility in the state of Hawaii to carry this state-of-the-art, advanced piece of equipment. Body composition by longstanding, trusted InBody technology provides essential data for any weight loss and fitness program. A full analysis takes less than one minute to teach users real data to improve overall health and fitness, or reach specific goals. A user-friendly, easy-to-read results sheet is included to help participants understand their readings and implement improvements to their current workout and eating plan.

Those who wish to try the InBody do not need to be members of Body in Balance.

“Anyone can come try it!” states Furgiuele. “This is THE best way to measure real results. The data sheet gives you detailed graphs and recommended ranges clearly illustrate your results, progress, and targets. If you want to try the InBody230, all you need is about 5 minutes of your day and an appointment. Plus, it’s super affordable!”

Body analyses are recommended every 2-4 weeks and include total body water, dry lean mass, body fat mass, total weight, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, percentage of body fat, basal metabolic rate, suggested fat loss and muscle gain, and more.

“I am so proud to offer this machine to the Maui community! It’s an invaluable tool for monitoring health and fitness and we could all be more informed about our bodies and our wellbeing. Schedule your appointment to start achieving your weight loss goals now!”

For more information, visit or call the studio at 808-661-1116 to book an appointment.