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Warrior Womyn Defense

Adult Self-Defense Class

Warrior Womyn Defense

Support Women and Girls by Giving Them Resources. This Online Self-Defense Course is Available for Anyone Who Wishes To Learn.

A lot has changed for women’s rights and women’s movements this last year. The rhetoric that you constantly hear in the news is consistently based in fear when now is the time to be proactive and solution-based. There have been so many stories about the unfair treatment of women. Movements such as #MeToo have been a liberating experience for many and also brought to light an unspoken truth about our society and how women have been treated. I have shared my story and how it intertwines with the #MeToo movement and from this, I have decided that it is time for me to not only share my own story of abuse but also create a series of self-defense videos to build confidence. Confidence that I wish to pass on to others. What better time than now to advocate for women by providing these tools as a way to help them walk in a more powerful way in the world.

This online self-defense course was produced to help and support women internationally focusing on common attacks women face and how to counter those attacks. It is an 8-class course at $99.99 and I’m offering 20% off for Body in Balance students and staff for a limited time. The course is available for all demographic groups and will be translated into a variety of languages over time. For every 100 people purchasing the course, I will donate a two-hour intensive workshop to women’s shelters or non-profit organizations focused on women and girls. For everyone attack I do a breakdown, teach on video and do at-home exercises! If you know of any groups or individuals who you believe could benefit from taking this course, please share it with them. You are not only helping them, you are helping reach women who may not be able to afford to learn these skills on their own.

I’ve been involved in self-defense training and teaching for a total of 17 years now. Throughout that time, I worked with youth and adults alike. There is something so special about the look on a person’s face after finishing a workshop – it is as though they just realized a new way of being. Understanding how to defend yourself builds confidence. That is a key component to building a safe, healthy and thriving community.

Ladies First Self-Defense