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Get Fit, Give Back

Maui Food Bank

Get Fit, Give Back

Body in Balance in Lahaina teams up with the Maui Food Bank for a new program, “Get Fit, Give Back.” From October 15-November 30, for every pound of fat lost by community participants, Body in Balance will donate one pound of food to the Maui Food Bank.

Here’s how it works: anyone wanting to participate will sign-up at the studio (appointment recommended) and receive an InBody Body Composition Scan. You have 30 days to lose as much body fat as possible and at the end of the 30 days we will do another inBody Scan. With those calculations we determine how many pounds of fat were lost and that’s how many pounds of food I will donate! 100% of the proceeds go to the Maui Food Bank.

The InBody Scan is the hallmark of the program. This state-of-the art, precision body composition analyzer calculates body mass index, pounds of lean muscle, pounds of body fat, body fat percentage, and more–all in about 30 seconds. Body in Balance is the only facility in the state of Hawaii to own this remarkable piece of equipment. After each analysis, participants will receive an easy-to-read print-out of their data and a full explanation of the results.

We really want to emphasize that this program is for everyone! You can workout anywhere and with anyone! We don’t care if you want to work with us, at home, with another gym, or a nutritionist — it doesn’t matter — anyone can participate in this fat-loss challenge.

We want the Maui community to actually understand their bodies, how they work, and how beneficial health and fitness programs are for everyone. It’s not just about the scale, and the InBody will help explain that. Plus, we love any opportunity to give back to this wonderful community.

Participants can register for the Get Fit, Give Back Challenge anytime between October 15 through November 30, with body scans taking place 30 days apart or less. Final weigh-in is December 30, 2016. Cost is only $20 and all proceeds benefit the Maui Food Bank.

What to do BEFORE your scan!!