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Never Too Old. Never Too Late.

Never Too Old. Never Too Late.

Never Too Old. Never Too Late.

What’s your excuse for not working out? Too busy? Too tired? Too bored? In case you didn’t realize, none of those are valid reasons. According to that pesky Surgeon General’s Report, 60% of American adults are not regularly active and 25% aren’t active at all! The Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports revealed a shocking poll — let’s see why your excuse can’t excuse you from exercising.

When asked why they didn’t exercise:

  • Nine percent of people said it wasn’t necessary.
  • Ten percent said they were too old or too tired.
  • Twelve percent said exercise was boring.
  • Fifteen percent said they didn’t exercise because of health problems.
  • Forty percent said they didn’t have enough time.

Let’s address these inexcusable excuses:

If you think exercise is a waste of time, do you also think that rotating your tires or changing the oil in your car is a waste of time? Exercise works the same way for your body as an oil change does for your car. Commit to just three days of being active and your body will thank you and repay you ten fold.

If you think you’re too old or too tired, then it’s time to change your thinking! You’re never too old to try something new! Research proves that exercise is the best medicine to help us age gracefully. And it actually increases your energy levels! A sedentary lifestyle only increases fatigue, so get moving! Still not convinced? We have clients ranging in age from pre-natal to almost 100! If they can do it, so can you!

If exercise is boring, then take a new approach to your workout regime! There are hundreds of types of exercise from dance to boot camps, outdoor activities, aerial arts, and more. There is something for every body. Find several activities you enjoy, or find a workout buddy, or both!

If you have health problems, then your reasons may be valid, especially if your doctor has advised against it. But exercise has been shown to aid in recovery and prevention of many health issues. Ask your doctor! Let’s do this!

If you just don’t have the time, reevaluate your schedule. Time is the easiest cop-out and I hear all variation of this dreaded excuse. Unless every minute of your day is crammed with constant activity, and television or phone calls don’t count, you can make some easy changes to make time for exercise. Have kids? Check out mommy and me or baby-wearing classes or workout while they are in swim or dance class! Need to make some phone calls? Take a walk and talk! Don’t think you have to workout all at once—you can break up your workout into 10 or 15-minute segments and complete them throughout the day. You can do it!

Remember an excuse is an excuse is an excuse. The faster you work towards eliminating those excuses, the closer you’ll be to a happier, healthier lifestyle! And eventually, I promise, you’ll come to love working out!