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Better Together

Better Together

Better Together

Why a workout buddy can help keep you on track!

Trying to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle? Before you join another gym, read another self-help book, or buy another pound of kale, think about getting a workout buddy! Studies show that when people commit to working out together, they are more likely to stick with it, and here’s why:

It’s 6am and that snooze button is looking mighty fine, but if you know your friend is waiting for you at bootcamp, you’re going to drag yourself to the gym anyway. When someone is counting on you, it’s a lot harder to quit.

Friendly Competition
Need a little extra push? There’s nothing like friendly competition! Turns out that it’s human nature to work a little harder when you’re in a group. There are even studies that show that people who workout in groups actually exercise three times as long as those who exercise solo.

Despite all your best intentions, sometimes it’s just hard. Whether it’s a plateau or pau hana, a workout partner can help you keep it going or keep it together.

Monday is your choice. Tuesday is their choice. If you and your buddy take turns picking the workout, you’ll never get bored! Bonus: your body will appreciate the cross training, too!

Choose your friends wisely. Why? Because you become whom you hang out with. Studies show that people are heavily influenced by the exercise habits of the people in their lives. And if you think you’re making your own food choices, think again. We eat what our friends and family eat. In fact, we can even be influences by what we hear our friends and family are choosing to eat.

Getting your butt kicked in a tough fitness class is never fun, but having a friend there to mention how good your butt looks, is. Having someone right there beside you to make you laugh will keep you coming back to even the worst (best) workouts!